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Free add-on for Google Chrome

Linkit Beta Launch

By André Kristoffersen on March 26, 2018

How does it work? Easy, just linkit!


Here you can compose messages, use the screenshot tool or upload & share content to friends. Click on your friends in your friends list to start a conversation, or simply compose your message, select the checkbox of a friend and press send. On the home page you can also find your feed. The content from a page you follow will appear in this feed.


This is basically your inbox, where your received messages will appear. When you have an unread message, the chat icon

will turn red. If you for whatever reason want to delete your sent message, simply click the 'x' icon in the top corner of your



On this page you can search for pages to follow. If you create a public page, it will be visible for everyone. Make a private page just

for your friends.


When using the right-click option, you can bookmark anything to read for later. All your bookmarks are easily accessible from this page. Create folders to organize your bookmarks.


This is where you can create your own page, public or private. You can create as many pages as you want. Those who follow your page will receive your posts in their feed. All your pages are listed here.


This is where you can search for and add friends. Send a friend request to someone, or send an invite to someone who you think would like Linkit!


Toggle on/ off the Linkit notification sound.


On this page you will find your account. Edit your Username, change password or delete your account. The notifications, privacy and help pages are not available in our beta.


Clicking this icon will simply log you off Linkit.

Linkit - it's alive!

By André Kristoffersen on January 20, 2018

We created Linkit to make sharing easier!


Linkit have been looking at the untapped potential in our every day technology, and by integrating our code into the windows options button, we have created a user-friendly way of sharing content between two or more clients. Fitting this new experience into a marketplace with zero cost access for users, and we have a brand new social networking platform.


Considering the growing complexity of certain social media platforms and the lack of other options, we felt there was an increasing need for a simple platform where one can share information, quick and easy, without the added interference. There are no picture libraries, no status updates, no likes or birthday remarks. Linkit is focusing on how a user can share information and in the process making it a little more enjoyable, with a variety of tools and options available.


With Linkit, anyone can share content on the web just by right clicking. It's so simple and easy to use!


What else can Linkit do?


Chat with friends and family, capture, edit and share screenshots, create groups, organize bookmarks, upload & share files up to 4 MB, create pages and start posting, get followers and more. Linkit will get bigger and adapt, always changing, and for our full release there will be a lot more features and content to help keep you busy. Unfortunatley, increasing the file size limit proved difficult for this beta, but for the full launch it will be significantly higher!


What’s next?


Linkit is a brand new service and there is still plenty to come! Unfortunately, we've had to compromise a lot in order to find solutions for this beta launch. A big shortcoming at the moment is that Linkit is only available as an extension for Google Chrome. As we continue to improve, offering Linkit to all platforms is something we aim to do in the very near future. You should be able to enjoy a free working beta version though, and hopefully you will like it and inspire others to join us. Having said that, it will not be a completely bug free experience, as we continue to build and improve Linkit.


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